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Anne N. Perry, RA
Renata N. Kraft, RLA
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Michael T. Ackley, CSI-EP
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ANPRA is a firm committed to service.  We are here to serve your best interests and needs. We are aware of and adept at accommodating the many levels of reporting that our clients must navigate to plan a project, procure A/E services, and bring a project to completion. 

Although we are small, we have an excellent slate of staff members and reliable subcontractors who have a depth and length of experience often - but not always - found at larger firms. We specialize in Owner’s Representation, design of office and high-concept residential remodels, historic preservation, and projects involving both cultural resources, and more utilitarian projects involving labs, warehouses and other industrial/scientific installations. We also provide urban planning, project planning and feasibility studies, project management, construction monitoring, and contract management services for a wide variety of facility types.


· Hamlin Park Community and Taxpayers Association

Renovation of 160 Brunswick Blvd.

· Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority (BMHA)

Capital Improvements at Kenfield Homes, Holling Homes, and Ferry-Grider

Improvements at Jasper Parrish Apartments

· Erie County Medical Center Corporation (ECMCC)

Major Capital Improvements and Expansion - Owners Representation

Behavioral Health Building – Project Support

· Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation

Outer Harbor Committee

· Onondaga County Facilities Management Department

Architectural Services for Asbestos Abatement at the Edward Kochian County Office Building Floors 1, 2, 4, 6, and Stairwells

· US Veterans Administration Medical Center

Renovation of Ward B from General Patient Beds to Long Term Care Facility, Batavia, NY

Design and Construction Phase Services for New USP 797 Cleanroom for Pharmacy Compounding Area, Grand Junction, CO

· State of Colorado Department of Corrections

Expansion of the Adult Parole Office, Sterling, CO

· US General Svc. Admin., Public Building Service Rocky Mountain Region

Howes Street Post Office Remodel, Fort Collins, CO

Building Engineering Report for the NRRC Campus - Building “C”

· US Dept. of Commerce, NIST Complex - Boulder

Building 1 Lobby Remodel

New Offices for Division 818

Laboratory Upgrade, Building 1, Existing Rooms 3559, 3561, 3563

· Los Alamos National Laboratory

Field Investigation and Space Evaluation for “Archibus” Facilities Management Program

Anne N. Perry, RA

Renata Niedzwiecka Kraft, RLA

Sharon L. Trippany, RA

Michael T. Ackley, CSI-EP